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The mission of TY Training Basketball program is to inspire the next generation of athletes by fostering a community where they can focus on becoming better versions of themselves and where coaches and teammates genuinely care about helping each individual player reach his or her personal best. It is our goal to help players reach their full potential by assisting them in developing the essential skills to succeed at the highest levels. We focus on skills that are needed to make school teams focusing on: 
·      Terminology
·      Dribbling Skills
·      Passing
·      Shooting 
·      Defense
·      Decision-Making 
·      IQ of the game. 
Each player needs different challenges and at Ty Training we sharpen skills according to the skill level of each player to improve them as they go to the next level of competition. 

Our Services

TY Training  Basketball program is instructed by experienced and knowledgeable coaches with the focus of preparing players for the next level of their basketball careers. Those who want to compete at the top levels should join our program.  Our athletes see prominent improvement both offensively and defensively and players have a far better grasp of the fundamentals of team basketball.

Training clinics

TY Trainings high-level and competitive training clinics are for dedicated players looking to improve their game. At TY Trainings Basketball training clinics, players develop high basketball IQ, refine basketball skills and enhance their skill set at the guard, post, and wing positions. With our great player-to-coach ratio and level-based structure, players get the attention and repetitions they need to ensure proper skill development. 


Group Training

Players of all skill levels can benefit from the position-specific drills incorporated into TY Training Basketball’s group training sessions, as they get ready for upcoming tryouts and league seasons. Group sessions focus on fundamental basketball skills such as: shooting, dribbling, and defense through drills, contests, and competitive play. Areas of emphasis include: technique, footwork, shooting drills, shooting off the dribble, shooting off the pass, shooting games, free throw shooting, and post/perimeter shooting; as well as competitive team play and in depth discussions of basketball situational play, including time and game management.


Small Group Elite Training

Working out in a small group or class setting is different from Individual Training, because there will be other players in the workout pushing each other to improve. We offer on-court training to elevate your play, and each session has a small number of players/coach so everyone can get the individual attention they need. The player development programs are for the players who are serious about developing their basketball skills.


Our Shop

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At Ty Training , we take pride in creating a fun and engaging environment for young basketball enthusiasts. Take a look at some memorable moments captured during our basketball camps. From skill-building drills to exciting game sessions, our participants always bring their best to the court.


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Please leave email & phone number inorder to receive information on day camps and special offers.